The Professional Technical Support solution with Proactive Chat that allows you to intercept your website navigators and transform them into real customers. Easy to use and ready to use, eBizzers Live allows you to make immediate online technical support with Live Chat system to all your website users and customers.


The most powerful and professional Proactive Chat solution to provide support.

9 good Reasons to use eBizzers Live to give technical support to your customers.

Unlimited Chat.

No limit to the number of Chat that you can do with the Live Help System.

Communication between operators.

Department operators chat with each other to exchange informations.

Unlimited departments.

Unlimited Departments to provide Live Chat support with multiple operators.

Mobile utilization

Chance to provide Live Chat technical support with mobile devices.

Windows software

You install eBizzers Live Desktop into your PC and answer to your customers chat.

Multi Domain Chat system.

Possibility of using the Proactive Chat system on multiple websites.

Chat transfer

Transferring Chat conversation from Departments.

Shoot down the drop.

Shoot down the drop intercepting visitors in real time before they go out from your web site.

Automatic Chat requests.

Each navigation of your site is automatically invited to enter Chat with you.